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per-channel inputline buffers

Added by katastrophe almost 16 years ago. Updated almost 14 years ago.

Quassel Client
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i would like to have one buffer per channel/query. sometimes im just writing something and want to leave it so and respond in another channel.
this is not possible atm, i have to delete everything and write it again in the end.

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Has duplicate Quassel IRC - Bug #474: Keyup/Down Event in Input box should be limited to bufferRejected2009-01-08

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Revision f84e68f5 (diff)
Added by MarcLandis almost 14 years ago

implemented per chat history

Closes #168


#1 Updated by Alturiak about 15 years ago

my thoughts on this:
- in addition to the history, the actual inputline should be channel-specific to, e.g. a filled inputline should clear upon switching channels and re-display the text when switching back
- above-mentioned feature should maybe be allowed to be switched on/off by the user, as irssi doesn't seem to clear the inputline upon switching channels

#2 Updated by juhp about 14 years ago

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I like quassel but I can't live in it without this feature.
(I don't know any other GUI irc client that doesn't do this.)

#3 Updated by nirik almost 14 years ago

Agreed. I am just playing around with Quessel and this is a feature that I would really like to see implemented as well.

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