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08:22 PM Quassel IRC Wiki edit: Pattern_matching (#13)
Clarify complex wildcard pattern example match exception
08:15 PM Quassel IRC Wiki edit: Pattern_matching (#12)
Revert examples change for Ignore Rules migration table, that wasn't correct (no literal matching had been possible b...
08:11 PM Quassel IRC Wiki edit: Pattern_matching (#11)
Add more examples to Ignore Rules migration table


07:38 PM Quassel IRC Feature #1126: Custom network/channel/pm arrangment in the chatlist
Quassel lets you rearrange channels/PMs by drag and drop after you disable alphabetical sorting.
Unfortunately, ne...


09:29 PM Quassel IRC Wiki edit: Pattern_matching (#10)
Fix missing literal closing @, fix regex
09:22 PM Quassel IRC Bug #1497: Cannot configure SASL with 0.12.5 client on 0.13-rc1 core
This looks like a possible bug with feature negotiation… If you're curious, "Sput's pull request #345 has more detai...


12:59 AM Quassel IRC Feature #1122: Reworking of the code for notifications, highlights and ignores
There's also some details on the Quassel wiki as to how the new pattern matching works:
12:42 AM Quassel IRC Bug #1388: CTCP TIME reply is ambiguous
This should fixed in Quassel 0.13 master "as of commit f27435c3d1b2793718e483449c7d6a62ee6cac8e":


09:06 AM Quassel IRC Bug #1487: WhoX replies not caught (or ran unnecessarily)
Fix should be in ! I've put the magic "fixes" commit message to hopefull...
04:41 AM Quassel IRC Wiki edit: FAQ (#25)
Add link to new FAQ - Pattern matching page

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