Bug #1509

trouble auto-joining restricted channels on OFTC after client re-connect

Added by bill-auger about 1 year ago. Updated 24 days ago.

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if i sign out cleanly manually, then reconnect manually, it auto-joins the restricted channel as expected - the problem seems to happen only when the client re-connects due to network dropout ("Disconnecting. (No Ping reply in 180 seconds.)") - on freenode with SASL this often results in an underscore being appended to my nick - it seems that both servers still consider me as signed in when quassel concludes has that i am disconnected

the symptom i noticed is this:

when i sign out cleanly then re-connect manually, i see "You are connected using SSL and have provided a matching client certificate .... You have been automatically identified." and everything proceeds as expected

but when the client re-connects itself automatically, i see "Nick already in use:" before it verifies the cert; and i do not see the "You have been automatically identified." message at all - in it's usual place is the error: "Cannot join channel (Need to be identified and verified to join this channel"


#1 Updated by Darkstar about 1 year ago

This happened before in 0.12 too with Nickserv-based registrations. Reason is that the re-join happens too early, long before the Nickserv IDENT message is sent and acknowledged. Thus you have to re-join. It would be good to have an option to delay joining channels either by a fixed amount, or at least until Nickserv registration is done

#2 Updated by digitalcircuit about 1 year ago

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Sadly, OFTC still does not support SASL, which both of you noted as the proper network-dependent fix.

Adding a delay in Quassel might work this and other timing issues, though at this point it'd make more sense in 0.14+ as 0.13 is in maintenance and bugfixing (this is a long standing bug, not a new regression).

For now, my non-certificate workaround for OFTC is to put this in Commands to execute on connect

/ns identify PASSWORD your_nick
/wait 5; /ns reclaim your_nick
/wait 6; /nick your_nick

Alternatively, you could uncheck Rejoin all channels after reconnect and specify a bunch of manual /join #channel lines to run on connect.

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#4 Updated by alis1122 4 months ago

Thanks for the fix. I am facing the same issue on please can you check and guide me?

#5 Updated by Desktop_Service 24 days ago

Hey thanks for guiding and I followed the same way as you mentioned above but the issue is still there and I am unable to access my clients website and that is please anyone here help me with this issue and I will be really greateful.

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