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04:33 AM Quassel IRC Bug #1477: QuasselClient crashes sometimes when disconnecting from a network
Relevant chat from debugging:
[2018-06-20 06:11:55] <digitalcircuit> It crashes in void TreeModel::itemDataChanged(in...


12:46 PM Quassel IRC Bug #1488 (New): Store and display a STATUSMSG correctly
This is just to track and not forget that Quassel's handling of a STATUSMSG needs more work. While mamarley's patch f...
12:29 PM Quassel IRC Bug #1487 (New): WhoX replies not caught (or ran unnecessarily)
Version is actually 0.13-rc1
I've noticed on my InspIRCd 3.0 testnet (with WhoX recently implemented) that after a...


06:06 AM Quassel IRC Feature #1237 (Resolved): Use the IRCv3 "away-notify" capability if it is available.
Implemented in:
06:02 AM Quassel IRC Feature #752 (Resolved): Possibility to configure flood control
Implemented in:
05:51 AM Quassel IRC Bug #981: Modes being removed without user interaction
Any chance they had a vHost set (even just an oper /chghost'ing)? That usually sets mode -x and Quassel probably trac...
05:38 AM Quassel IRC Bug #1471 (Resolved): Show channels dialog (/list ui) overflows
Fixed in:


12:15 AM Quassel IRC Revision fc26ee91 (quassel): Attempt to improve the /LIST timeout for large lists
Prior to this, the timer was simply running for 10 seconds from the
start of the query; which could timeout even whil...


03:06 PM Quassel IRC Bug #536 (Closed): Don't write /list output into the network's status buffer when "Channel List" ...
Closing this as it appears to be fixed. Tested in 0.13-pre and couldn't get any channel list to end up in the Status ...


06:44 PM Quassel IRC Bug #1477: QuasselClient crashes sometimes when disconnecting from a network
Quick note: I found that disconnecting the "last" network in a list to almost always cause this crash. digitalcircuit...

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