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10:54 PM Quassel IRC Bug #1495 (Feedback): use connect command first before joining channels
The best solution here (short of an auto-join delay) is to use SASL authentication. You set this in the Network Setti...


03:46 AM Quassel IRC Bug #1388 (Resolved): CTCP TIME reply is ambiguous
See note above from digitalcircuit; fixed in 0.13.


03:31 AM Quassel IRC Feature #535 (Closed): Warn on performing /list
As of 0.13, "/list" will open the Channel List dialog with improved handling. This keeps the backlog/status buffer cl...
03:26 AM Quassel IRC Feature #991 (Closed): Transfer settings from monolithic to client/server
Link to Wiki page on how to do this:
03:23 AM Quassel IRC Feature #1042 (Resolved): No way to change URL color in settings
As mentioned, can be done with stylesheets and as of recently (for 0.13), 'hovered' can also be customized:
03:17 AM Quassel IRC Feature #1289 (Resolved): Open channels list by /command
Implemented in 0.13. Reference PRs:
03:15 AM Quassel IRC Feature #1345 (Resolved): Differentiate Ops/Voiced in chat
Implemented in 0.13. Reference PRs:
03:05 AM Quassel IRC Feature #1412 (Resolved): Support Bitlbee self messages
See note above from digitalcircuit.
03:04 AM Quassel IRC Feature #1166 (Resolved): Add extended-join support
Applied in changeset:
03:03 AM Quassel IRC Feature #1455 (Resolved): Adding (if possible) option $a:accountname in aliases
Applied in changeset:

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