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11:34 AM Quassel IRC Feature #396: highlight view
I didn't try it yet but that sounds like it will do. Thanks.
My main usecase for this is checking highlights I got w...


09:38 PM Quassel IRC Feature #469 (New): Show old topic on topic change
When the topic is changed it would be nice to show something like "Topic was changed by $foo from $bar to §foobar" in...


01:59 AM Quassel IRC Feature #404 (New): tab completion for commands
Please add tab completion for commands like /away, /join and /whois.
01:54 AM Quassel IRC Feature #403 (Resolved): nick coloring
please add automatic nick coloring like irssi and Konversation supports it. It makes it a lot easier to distinguish b...


01:18 PM Quassel IRC Bug #398: It doesn't minimize.
I have the same problem.
It is because of having "minimize to tray" and "close to tray" being enabled. If I only ena...


02:38 PM Quassel IRC Feature #397 (Closed): shortcut to jump to red line
Please add a shortcut to jump to the red line that marks the line when one changed the channel.
02:35 PM Quassel IRC Feature #396 (Resolved): highlight view
Please add a highlight view with highlights from all channels similar to the chat monitor but only showing highlights.
02:23 PM Quassel IRC Feature #395 (Resolved): sound notification
Please add sound notifications for highlights.
10:25 AM Quassel IRC Feature #394 (Resolved): show topic changes
Please add some notification when the topic changes. Right now there is no feedback and one would have to check topic...
10:21 AM Quassel IRC Feature #393 (Closed): add watched nicks list
Please add a list of watched nicks or at least have the ability to get notified somehow when certain people join a ne...

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