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03:36 PM Quassel IRC Bug #984 (Resolved): Input Widet does not clear if command changes active buffer
If a command issued changes the active buffer, for example "/join #channel" or "/query nickname", and "Input Widget/E...


11:24 AM Quassel IRC Feature #871 (Resolved): Allow to hide networks (like chats)
I have networks i am not constantly connected to, but do not delete from the network list. I would like to be able to...
11:21 AM Quassel IRC Feature #870 (New): Do not repeat nicknames for successive messasges by same sender
Similar as it can be done in X-Chat, it should be an option not to repeat the nickname for successive messages by the...
11:11 AM Quassel IRC Feature #869 (New): Gray out loaded backlog on starting client or rejoining channel
I would suggest that old, already read messages loaded from the backlog can be assigned a different color via the sty...
09:43 AM Quassel IRC Feature #868 (New): Combined part/hide command (or autohide parted)
To make the behavior closer to conventional IRC clients, i think there should be an option to autohide parted channel...
09:36 AM Quassel IRC Feature #867 (New): Coloring brackets around sender nick seperately through stylesheet
I would like to be able to set the color for the brackets around the nickname separately in the stylesheet, similar t...
09:29 AM Quassel IRC Bug #866 (Resolved): Rejoining a temporarily hidden channel or query does not unhide it
If i part a channel and temporarily hide it, and later rejoin the channel, the channel stays hidden until there is ac...

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