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10:36 PM Quassel IRC Bug #1536 (New): package quassel-mac for gnustep for unix, and then for debian


08:03 AM Quassel IRC Bug #1527 (New): sign the bundle by a Registered Apple Developer
I guided someone installing quassel irc on a mac, the mac didn't let quassel run and asked some special permissions t...


01:48 AM Quassel IRC Bug #1466 (New): Quassel does not remember last used nick after re-connect
1. set primary nick in the identity to 'sveta'
2. connect to an irc network
3. /nick not_sveta
4. reconnect
01:26 AM Quassel IRC Bug #1464 (New): Quassel client for Mac
Quassel client for Mac is perhaps desired. Quassel Qt client look and feel does not match that of a Mac.
See www.g...
01:25 AM Quassel IRC Bug #1463 (New): Quassel client for GTK
Quassel client for GTK is perhaps desired. Qt look and feel does not match that of a GTK environment.
01:24 AM Quassel IRC Bug #1462 (New): Quassel client's toolbar buttons are a little confusing
The large 'connect' and 'disconnect' buttons in the quassel client toolbar are confusing. They may be easily interpre...


04:06 AM Quassel IRC Bug #1460 (New): Quassel core does not connect to irc on Windows Server
I run quassel core as a window service. When my windows server reboots, the quassel core service will start back up f...
04:02 AM Quassel IRC Bug #1459 (New): Multiple chat monitors
It would be nice to have multiple chat monitors, more than one. Perhaps they could be listed as a separate chat list ...
04:01 AM Quassel IRC Bug #1458 (New): Chat monitor does not have an option to only show messages from hidden chats
I hid several chats. I would like to be able to monitor them in the chat monitor. This is possible by manually select...
03:58 AM Quassel IRC Bug #1457 (New): Chat view does not exclude read messages
Chat view settings have a tick box for 'include read messages'. Having unticked that, I chat in #quassel. I observe t...

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