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How do I add accounts to my Quassel Core?

Check out the article on how to manage core users

Where can I configure the autojoin list?

There is no list as such. Quassel will automatically rejoin the channels you were in at the time you shut Quassel down.

Where is the config or script directory?

See Config Directories or Script Directories

Why isn't Quassel using "Launchpad"?

At the time being Launchpad doesn't support git.

I lost my menu, how can I make it reappear?

Do you still have the toolbar with "connect", "disconnect" and other buttons? If you have it, and right click it, 'show menubar' is the last item.

In old versions, you could press Ctrl + M and the menu bar should reappear. This was removed as the default shortcut due to accidental use. You can click Settings>Shortcuts, and specify any custom shortcut for "Show menubar".

For other toolbars, you can display them from the submenu entitled "View".

Quassel-Client (or Monolithic) won't start anymore (no visible window)

Check in %appdata%\\quasselclient.ini or ~/.conf/ if there's a line with MainWinHidden=true. If so, change that to MainWinHidden=false

How do I hide Join/Part/Quit messages?

Right-click inside the chat and choose Joins/Parts/Quits in the "Hide Events" menu.

How do I start Quassel minimized?

Start Quassel with the command-line option --hidewindow

Is there a list of command-line options?

For an up to date list of command line options start Quassel with the option --help

How do I ignore specific highlights?

Version 0.13.0 and newer offer "Highlight Ignore Rules" to disable highlights in the same way you can add highlights.

For example, to ignore all pings from a bot with the nickname qAnnounce, add a new highlight ignore rule with empty rule text and a "Sender" of "qAnnounce!*".

Or, to keep a nickname variant from highlighting you, e.g. yournick[m], add a highlight ignore rule with a "Rule" of "yournick[m]".

How do I include special characters in Highlight/Ignore rules?

Version 0.13.0 and newer allow escaping special characters such as "*", "?", ";", "!", and "\" by prefixing them with an additional "\".

For example, "A question\?" would match "A question?" literally.

Sender/channel/scope are similar, with "\;" turning into a literal ";", and "\!test" matching the literal channel "!test" instead of inverting the rule. "!" only needs escaped at the beginning of scope rules.

Take a look at the full Pattern matching documentation page for additional help.

How do I ignore CTCP requests?

Versions 0.5.2 and newer offer a "CTCP" type in the ignorelist settingspage.
If selected, the rule is parsed as follows:

hostmask [CTCPCMD [CTCPCMD ...]]

For example "* VERSION PING" would ignore VERSION and PING requests for any hostmask.
If no CTCPCMD is given, all requests are ignored.

Only global- and per network scope are supported.
Since CTCP is ignored on the coreside, "Strictness" is always permanent.

CTCP ignore is patched into quassel 0.5.0-0ubuntu1.1 for Ubuntu Karmic users.

Why does clicking on the systray icon take me to some strange buffer called something like ""?

This is a known bug that needs to be fixed. But there is a workaround (Requires Quassel 0.6.0+).

First some background:
Quassel allows to show notices sent from a specific IRC server in separate buffers. This behavior is controlled by the setting "Message Redirection -> Server Notices". The default setting is here to show them in the "Status Window". Until recently quasselcore would still create a buffer called "" and store the messages in that buffer. When the client receives such a message it redirects them to the Status Window and the buffer "" would be hidden from all "Chat Lists". The highlighting / notification processing still triggers the activity for the original "" though.

The Solution:
Enable "Message Redirection -> Server Notices -> default target". This will make those "ghost buffers" visible and you can delete them. After that disable the setting again, so that Server Notices are only displayed in the "Status Window". Since Quassel 0.6.0 Quassel will not recreate the buffer unless you have "Message Redirection -> Server Notices -> default target" enabled.