03:57 AM Quassel IRC Feature #755: Automatically move red-line when window loses focus
I'd like this feature as well, only further options could be to only reset the red-line when the client is minimized ...
03:53 AM Quassel IRC Feature #768 (New): Forced disconnect
Option to have the core forcefully close a (possibly dead) socket, and optionally reconnect to the irc-server, withou...


07:07 PM Quassel IRC Feature #723 (New): WHO, WHOIS, LIST, and other requested messages from the server.
These still need a little work:
* User friendly output (for example the WHO output is printed RAW, needs descripto...
07:00 PM Quassel IRC Feature #722 (New): Meta-Buffer: Highlighted Messages
I'd like to have a Meta-Buffer, where all Highlighted messages go.


03:49 AM Quassel IRC Bug #708: no highlight for certain Nicks (i.e. "^V^")
Seen another one today in chat: square-brackets [ and ] also break highlighting. *cheers [Enrico]*


06:42 AM Quassel IRC Feature #718 (Closed): regain primary nick when free again
When the core reconnects to the server and has to use an alternative nickname, let it try to regain the primary nick ...
06:36 AM Quassel IRC Bug #708: no highlight for certain Nicks (i.e. "^V^")
Workaround: generate a custom highlight word with regular expression ".*\^V\^.*" (or "\s?\^V\^\s" ?)
06:32 AM Quassel IRC Feature #717 (New): Tab completion for files
Unless its the first character of the input line (command) any "word" starting with "/" should be completed as local ...


06:19 PM Quassel IRC Bug #715 (Resolved): Never generate a Buffer with a comma
The comma separator in the recipient list of some messages is not evaluated correctly, or intuitivly.
For example:


09:01 PM Quassel IRC Feature #713 (New): Generating away-nicks and/or disconnected-nicks "on the fly"
I'd like to see a feature introduced, that lets you use some variables in the Away-Nick and/or Disconnected-Nick sett...

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