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I would like to get a very visible notification or a highlight when a certain nick is seen again.

What currently floats in my mind:
A (buffer)list with "Nick: active/idle/away/quit", possibly using icon+tooltip to signal those states.
"active" would mean they wrote something "recently" (to define a default value, I would guess 15 minutes is reasonable). "away" is clear. And "quit" is when they are disconnected from the network, named after the /quit command. "idle" would be "not one of the other three".
I would name that feature "friendlist". There one could also specify notify-on-presence-change for certain nicks.

Most important to me would be that I can easily add and remove people, since I would just need it temporarily.
I.e. it could be accessible from the nicklists of channels and from querybuffers and bufferlists. (But do not forget a add-manually-by-typing-nick menu, of course, for people being offline at the time.)

Possibly the feature could be achieved by enhancing bufferlists, and just adding "add/remove to/from bufferlist" rightclick menu options for the channels, querybuffers and bufferlists for quick access. (Or just one menu with a yet-to-be-defined name, with checkboxes.)
Depending on how much bufferlists people have, it might be useful to just list a selected amount of bufferlists in those menu.

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#1 Updated by STiAT over 14 years ago

I was just about to add the same, but going a step further: I'd like to be able to add some sound notification as well. I'm often waiting on IRC for somebody to come online, in example a certain maintainer or developer. If I'm afk, watching tv, reading a book, eating or what ever, I'd love to have the option to enable a sound notification, so I don't have to pay attention from time to time. This way, I can't be missing the status changes.

Also, also include people coming online, since not everybody is using quassel or stays on IRC.

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Tucos wrote:


Of which bug? #393 and #688 (which are marked as potential duplicates here) were also closed as "Dupe".

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Darn. Sorry, the new redmine keeps biting me when i link them as dupe (syncs status and comments; see also #1219). This one is the appropriate ticket.

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