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Sort nicklist (and tabcomplete) by most-recently-used

Added by Sputnick over 16 years ago. Updated 7 months ago.

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Having a MRU-sorted nicklist could be quite handy. Even more important would be that tab completion offers the last active nick as the first choice. This is a feature of WeeChat and other clients, and it's very useful. Actually that explains why tab completion in WeeChat works so well for me :)

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Has duplicate Quassel IRC - Bug #476: TAB-Completion should use last used nicknames firstRejected2009-01-10

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Added by Manuel Nickschas about 15 years ago

Smart tab completion!

This prefers nicks that you addressed last, followed by nicks that last spoke in the channel.
This is a preliminary implementation; we'll modelify this soon and do more interesting things.
But for now, this gives you a feature many of you have waited a long time for :)

Fixes #65.


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Implementation idea (thus I won't forget):

- Add LastActivityRole
- NetworkModel::data(LastActivityRole) should return a QHash<BufferId, QDateTime>
- NickCompletionFilter should transform that data() to a timestamp applying to the current list (merged buffers!) of bufferids
- Set that as SortRole to have the NickCompletionFilter sorted automatically (should be cheap enough for the few matching nicks)

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