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Plug-In/Script support

Added by xAFFE over 15 years ago. Updated 5 months ago.

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It would realy kick ass if Quassel would be in some way to be scriptable.

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Has duplicate Quassel IRC - Feature #1159: Scripting in clients and/or core?Closed2012-05-01


#1 Updated by xAFFE over 15 years ago

I think the most simple way to add Scripting support would be, by using QTScript ( ).

#2 Updated by jussi01 over 15 years ago

We need to have python and other languages supported also

#3 Updated by Sputnick over 15 years ago

The problem is not to support any given language, but to decide how to / which interfaces to export and how to (maybe) allow core-side plugins without users being able to risk other's stability. Just client-side plugins would probably be much easier (and we might do that first), but still require a sane strategy to be able to hook into Quassel.

Once we have designed a plugin/scripting interface (aka, one or more QObjects exposing methods, signals and slots), adding arbitrary language wrappers on top of that is not going to be a huge problem at all.

Currently on the list are python, perl, dbus, possibly QtScript.

#4 Updated by Sputnick almost 15 years ago

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#5 Updated by stdin almost 15 years ago

With KDE integration Kross support could be added, that way all the languages Kross supports can be used. The only issue would be the case where the user decided to use the pure Qt client Kross will not be available.
There's also the option of exporting interfaces over the DBus protocol, but I don't know how portable (cross-platform) that is currently.

#6 Updated by johu almost 14 years ago

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#7 Updated by LameBMX over 13 years ago

Just adding another vote for scripting support in both core and client. i would rank core over client though to get more IRC chan/network ops to give it a try. Modular plugin would be preferred and /etc/conf.d/quasselcore.

ie /etc/conf.d/quasselcore

  1. Uncomment scripting modules to load into core
  2. python
  3. perl
  4. QtScript
  1. Define scripts to load
  2. /usr/share/apps/quassel/core/script
  • use cat script to load scripts to enable single scripts, or user can make script dir and it will load all scripts in dir ***

while client side scripts are nice, the real NEED for scripting would be core side. so an oper would not need to keep client connected to core to perform duties. and before people call this bloat or turning it into a bot, are newbs that have never oper'd a channel or network. with time, i think quassel will get its strongest and most stable userbase with operators.

#8 Updated by slime over 10 years ago

Is there any further comments on this?

A scripting language implementation would be awesome. I see that there was mention of it on the main page: "This is more or less a complete rewrite of how the IRC protocol is handled, and the first major step towards full scripting support!" However, a year later, and there still doesn't appear to be anything in version .9 about scripting.

:~$ quasselcore --version
Quassel IRC: v0.9-pre (unknown rev)
:~$ quasselclient --version
Qt: 4.8.3
KDE Development Platform: 4.9.5
Quassel IRC: v0.9-pre (unknown rev)

#9 Updated by Anonymous over 10 years ago

0.9 finishes the rewrite and brings it to the client, but brings nothing concrete with regards to scripting.

#10 Updated by SynrG over 9 years ago

There is a lot in this report discussing various potential implementations but nothing about justification for the feature or relative importance to the Quassel users or developers. So here's my 2c:

For some segment of the user population (I can't really say how large, or how important we think it is to cater to), this is a serious usability issue, not just a "support my silly scripts" wishlist (see /slap script quip in Being a member of a team of chanops on a large (1500+ users) channel, the administrative burden on us is such that we need scripts to effectively manage the channel. That's just one way that scripts make irc users more productive. I'm sure there are others.

So discussing solutions before asking "is this something the Quassel devs think is important to do?" is putting the cart before the horse. For me, Quassel looks like it could be the best way to keep a 24/7 presence via a variety of devices, some of them with touch interfaces, but to do that for sophisticated users, it needs to be extensible. As such a user, for example, if I need to intervene as an op, I have to leave the comfort of my touch interface and connect back to a system with irssi running on it in order to do so. This diminishes my effectiveness in this role, and would be a source of aggravation for other Quassel users for whom supporting scripts is a matter of staying productive, while enjoying the comforts of Quassel.

As for implementations, please make sure, whatever you choose, not to forget Quasseldroid users.


#11 Updated by SynrG over 9 years ago

By the way, I didn't mean, of course, to make this bug about modifications to Quasseldroid. For that, I have filed a separate bug mutually cross-referenced with this one. But as I said there, if a remote quassel-core could execute plugins on behalf of the quassel clients, then we wouldn't have to worry about plugin implementations per client.

#12 Updated by KamijouTouma over 7 years ago

So it's been 2 years and i see no documentation on any client side scripting.
I was hoping quassel had client side scripting much like konversation but it doesn't.

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