08:05 AM Quassel IRC Bug #1423 (New): Quassel swallows /NAMES
Quassel swallows all output for the /NAMES command without giving the option for a user to see the output if they wis...


09:28 PM Quassel IRC Bug #597: User mode removal
Quassel will also remove +o after I've issued /oper for the same reason. I had the /oper statement in the "commands t...
08:02 AM Quassel IRC Bug #597: User mode removal
Actually, it did this again when I created a new server. This was from a recent git version (shortly after styling w...
08:00 AM Quassel IRC Feature #788 (Rejected): Stop hiding the IRC protocol numbers
Stop hiding the protocol numbers from the server tab.


06:37 PM Quassel IRC Feature #393: add watched nicks list
It'd also be nice if quassel used this information to monitor PM buffers.


07:58 PM Quassel IRC Feature #758 (Closed): Allow for authentication to be disabled.
For single user setups authentication shouldn't be used. Allow quassel to bind to lcoalhost for this use-case aswell.
07:45 PM Quassel IRC Feature #757 (New): PAM authentication
Quassel should be able to use PAM (possibly other local authentication meachanisms) to authenticate users.
03:03 AM Quassel IRC Feature #755 (Closed): Automatically move red-line when window loses focus
When the quassel-client loses focus the red-line should be (optionally) reset as if the buffer was changed. The coul...


11:15 AM Quassel IRC Wiki edit: QuasselWiki (#53)


10:39 PM Quassel IRC Bug #597: User mode removal
Oh, that explains it, I did upgrade the core recently. So far I've been disconnected from SlashNet a few times since...

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