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09:33 AM Quassel IRC Bug #1394: Sort alphabetically is not reapplied after new /join
This is one of my biggest issues with Quassel IRC, by the way. You see Quassel IRC is working rather fine if *this* i...


04:42 PM Quassel IRC Feature #1256 (New): Make it possible to search IRC nicks via real names
I find myself often in the following scenario.
I have a question to person X in channel Y because I've found an od...


07:14 PM Quassel IRC Bug #1243 (Resolved): URLs not parsed correctly (accepts invalid chars as part of the URL)
Example line in IRC:
<kgbot> Anmol Ahuja master * [] Add...


01:44 AM Quassel IRC Bug #406: "Day changed to" is not translated
Same applies for strings in src/uisupport/networkmodelactionprovider.cpp and maybe others aswell.


01:08 PM Quassel IRC Bug #406 (Resolved): "Day changed to" is not translated
Title says it all. The named string in ./src/common/message.h does not get translated in the Quassel client.


01:43 PM Quassel IRC Feature #32: Implement identd support
In either way you have to delay the reconnects. If all the users connect to one Network you have to do that anyway. A...
02:47 AM Quassel IRC Feature #32: Implement identd support
What about using oidentd? oidentd is a seperate service which runs as Identd and handles $HOME/.oidentd.conf files. A...

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