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04:14 PM Quassel IRC Feature #181: Please provide contexual hilighting colours
Please let us set the colors that we want for each highlight.
04:13 PM Quassel IRC Feature #633: Please add channel specific hilights
I'll join in on this one. Hope it is possible to do.


04:45 AM Quassel IRC Feature #995 (New): Trigger /myaway and /myback when you disconnect/connect client.
Would be nice to be able to trigger /myaway (with alias and optional message) when the client is disconnected and th...


05:09 AM Quassel IRC Feature #992 (New): Limit the buffer size on core server
At the moment I am running a small server and would like to have a way to set a limit to how much space the buffer on...
05:05 AM Quassel IRC Feature #991 (Closed): Transfer settings from monolithic to client/server
I just installed the core server on my Ubuntu server and the client on my Kubuntu laptop. Over the last months, I hav...
05:02 AM Quassel IRC Feature #990 (Closed): Highlight all messages from one nick/id
I am a mod in a forum that runs a script to post a message in irc everytime there is a new post in the fo...

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