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01:23 AM Quassel IRC Feature #1345 (Resolved): Differentiate Ops/Voiced in chat
Add an option in the settings to put a @ before operator usernames and a + before voiced usernames in chat. Example: ...
06:32 PM Quassel IRC Feature #1344 (New): Delays
Add an option to the settings menu to allow users to set a delay in seconds before automatically re-joining channels ...
06:28 PM Quassel IRC Feature #1343 (New): Auto-replies
Allow users to setup regex based actions in the same way they can in the ignore menu except, instead of ignoring, all...
06:22 PM Quassel IRC Feature #1342 (New): CTCP option
Allow users to completely disable automatic replies to CTCP messages, this can only be done right now with a global i...

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