10:19 PM Quassel IRC Bug #251 (Resolved): Connecting to core does not complete
When connecting to the core the client doesn't finish getting the userstates.
This is the Output of the Core:


02:15 PM Quassel IRC Bug #178 (Resolved): it would be nice to have keyboard shortcuts for some actions
for example ctrl-n for connect, or cmd-n (on osx)
02:09 PM Quassel IRC Bug #177 (Resolved): For Spaces on OSX to recognize quasselclient info.plist has to be changed
if you add:
to the info.plist spaces can save t...


12:36 PM Quassel IRC Feature #144 (Resolved): clicking an the channel name in the chatmonitor to change active channel
it would be nice if you could click on the channel (or simply the line) in the chat-monitor to change to that channel...
12:30 PM Quassel IRC Bug #143 (Resolved): some graphical glitches with the Cleanlooks style
i have some graphical glitches with the cleanlooks style. see screenshot.
happens on windows and osx clients
12:19 PM Quassel IRC Bug #142 (Resolved): Deleting a buffer-view in the "Manage Views" Menu deletes all buffers but the one selected to be deleted.
When deleting a buffer in the "Manage Views"-Menu, the wrong buffer gets deleted.
I added a new buffer, but after de...

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