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genius3000, 02/19/2022 04:25 AM
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h1. Quassel Config File Format
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The monolithic quassel client, the distributed quassel client, and the quassel core binary all write a config file. For the core, this configuration file primarily contains connection information for the configured database backend. The client(s) have much larger configuration files, containing among other things local UI settings.
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The config files encode QVariants into strings in a number of places rather than simply storing raw, human-readable data. This makes it easy for quassel to load and save the configuration but difficult for a human to figure out what's going on, or modify it.
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For more information on QVariants, please see the Qt documentation:
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h2. quasselconf
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quasselconf is a small program that parses a quassel configuration file and prints a human-readable version of it, decoding all QVariants. It is a community tool written by TC01 (#quassel on "Libera Chat": It's available on gitlab here: if you have bugs or feature requests, please ask on IRC or file them here.
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The main usage case for this is to check the database connection information that's been saved in a core config file.