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h1. Manage core users

h2. Versions >= 0.5:

quasselcore provides two command-line options:
* --add-user
>Starts an interactive session to add a new core user
* --change-userpass=[USERNAME]
>Starts an interactive session to change the password of the user identified by username

*Note for Ubuntu and Debian users*
If you install quasselcore via the default Ubuntu (or Debian) package then your config dir is in '/var/cache/quassel'.
This means that you need to run quasselcore --add-user with --configdir=/var/cache/quassel and with permissions such that it can access that directory. Usually this means running it with sudo. So for adding a user the example would be

> <pre> sudo quasselcore --configdir=/var/cache/quassel --add-user </pre>

h2. Versions prior to 0.5:

+What you need:+
* python 2.5 with sqlite support
* shell access on you core's host as the core's user

* Download the script
@wget -O ";a=blob_plain;f=scripts/"@

* Run the script

+The above command will only show you the parameters:+

@python add foo bar@

>This will add a user 'foo' with password 'bar' to your core.

@python changepass foo bar@

>This will change the password of existing user 'foo' to 'bar'