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smithbone, 02/27/2010 10:01 PM

Manage core users

Versions >= 0.5:

quasselcore provides two command-line options:
  • --add-user

Starts an interactive session to add a new core user

  • --change-userpass=[USERNAME]

Starts an interactive session to change the password of the user identified by username

Note for Ubuntu users
If you install quasselcore via the default Ubuntu package then your config dir is in '/var/cache/quassel'.
This means that you need to run quasselcore --add-user with --configdir=/var/cache/quassel and with permissions such that it can access that directory. Usually this means running it with sudo. So for adding a user the example would be

 sudo quasselcore --configdir=/var/cache/quassel --add-user 

Versions prior to 0.5:

What you need: Steps:
  • Download the script
    wget -O ";a=blob_plain;f=scripts/"
  • Run the script

The above command will only show you the parameters:

python add foo bar

This will add a user 'foo' with password 'bar' to your core.

python changepass foo bar

This will change the password of existing user 'foo' to 'bar'