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seezer, 07/02/2009 06:21 PM
tidy time!

Client-Core SSL support

If you wish to setup an SSL connection between the core and client, you must have compiled both with the "-DWITH_OPENSSL=ON" cmake option. Generate a key with the following command on the server running the core:

Version before 0.4

openssl req -x509 -nodes -days 365 -newkey rsa:1024 -keyout ~/.quassel/quasselCert.pem -out ~/.quassel/quasselCert.pem

The "~/.quassel/" directory may differ if the --datadir option was specified for quasselcore.

Version 0.4 and later

openssl req -x509 -nodes -days 365 -newkey rsa:1024 -keyout ~/.config/ -out ~/.config/

The default config directory has changed in version 0.4 and the core's --datadir option has been renamed to --configdir.

Note that Kubuntu packages for Jaunty (9.04) and later do this step for you.

Start the core and select SSL in your Client as shown below: