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h1. Build Quassel on Windows Mingw

h2. Build Quassel with QT only

h2. Software Requirements

* "QT SDK":
* "DBGHELP Mingw":
* "CMake":

h2. Installation

h3. Step 1: Install QT SDK

Download and install the QT SDK and select mingw to install with QT.

h3. Step 2: Install DBGHELP Mingw

If you are using mingw w64 skip this step

Download "DBGHELP Mingw": and extract it to your mingw root. Alternatively, get "libdbghelp.7z": and extract libdbghelp.a to <mingw>/lib, and get dbghelp.h from "here": and put it at <mingw>/include, however, I CANNOT VOUCH FOR THESE FILES, I just "fished" them from warzone2010 dev files and mingw's bug tracker, but they did work for me (-avih).

h3. Step 3: Install CMake

h2. Checkout Quassel

* "git clone git://"

h2. Compile Quassel

* open a command line
* add mingw to your path (set PATH=%PATH%;'mingwdir')
* add cmake to your path (analog to mingw)
* add QT to yo your path, 'qt\version'\qt\bin
* switch to the directory where you checked out Quassel
* type "mkdir build"
* type "cd build"
* type "cmake -G "MinGW Makefiles" .."
* type "mingw32-make"

h2. Build Quassel with Windows KDE

# got to the "Emerge Tutorial":
# check out emerge and set up the kdesettings.bat acording to the kde tutorial
# install quassel "emerge quassel-qt" or "emerge quassel" to build quassel with kdesupport, emerge will install all dependency's for you
# when emerge has finished all jobs, start quassel

The steps above would also be possible with msvc2008

h3. Notes after following this guide with mingw which comes with QTSDK (1.2.1)

# Cmake can be downloaded "here": . I got the windows binary zip file, extracted it, and added the path of the 'bin' dir within it.
# The mingw bin dir is @<QTSDK-dir>\mingw\bin@, <QTSDK-dir>\mingw\bin, the QT path is @<QTSDK-dir>\Desktop\Qt\4.81\mingw\bin@ <QTSDK-dir>\Desktop\Qt\4.81\mingw\bin .
# The official 0.8 tarball failed to build after 80% with the following error (which I couldn't fix):
mingw32-make[2]: *** --- No rule to make target `po/qt_cs.qm', needed by `po/CMakeFiles/po'. Stop.
mingw32-make[1]: *** --- [po/CMakeFiles/po.dir/all] Error 2
mingw32-make: *** --- [all] Error 2
# Fixed at 2012-07-07. -The The cloned git maser (2012-07-05) failed at cmake due to unsupported QT_DBUS. I manually deleted 'DBus' from the quassel client CmakeList.txt file (quassel/src/client/CmakeList.txt) here:
setup_qt_variables(Gui Network *DBus*)

# After successfully compiling the cloned git master, I needed the following DLLs at the same dir as the exe: *QtCore4.dll QtGui4.dll QtNetwork4.dll QtWebKit4.dll libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll mingwm10.dll phonon4.dll*. These files can be copied from the mingw and the QT dirs, or from the win32 official quassel distribution package "here": (7-zip can extract the windows installer, these files are in there).