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TheOneRing, 04/23/2010 03:20 PM
simplifyed setup

Build Quassel on Windows Mingw

You have two possibilitys to build Quassel with Mingw

  1. Build Quassel with QT only

Build Quassel with QT only

Software Requirements


Step 1: Install QT SDK

Download and install the QT SDK and select mingw to install with QT.

Step 2: Install DBGHELP Mingw

If you are using mingw w64 skip this step

Download DBGHELP Mingw and extract it to your mingw root

Step 3: Install CMake

Checkout Quassel Mingw branch

  • "git clone git://"

Compile Quassel

  • open a command line
  • add mingw to your path (set PATH=%PATH%;'mingwdir')
  • add cmake to your path (analog to mingw)
  • add QT to yo your path, 'qt\version'\qt\bin
  • switch to the directory where you checked out Quassel
  • type "mkdir build"
  • type "cd build"
  • type "cmake -G "MinGW Makefiles" .."
  • type "mingw32-make"

Build Quassel with Windows KDE

  1. got to the Emerge Tutorial
  2. check out emerge and set up the kdesettings.bat acording to the kde tutorial
  3. install quassel "emerge quassel" emerge will install all dependency's for you
  4. when emerge has finished all jobs, start quassel

The steps above would also be possible with msvc2008