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pennywise, 01/22/2009 10:51 AM

Buffer Views

Buffer Views are a powerfull tool to filter your channels to the ones you really need. So far, there are two commonly asked views. But first to some basic information.

There are the three different types of buffers:

Status Buffer
Here you see the messages the IRC server sends you. For example the MOTD is shown here.
Channel Buffer
The mainly used buffer. Most of the time you're chatting in a channel buffer.
Query Buffer
If you query someone, this is the buffer you talk in.

Currently you can only choose ALL networks or ONE. A selection of some networks within one buffer view is not possible.

Minimum Activity
Here we have four possibilities. "No Activity" is pretty obvious, those buffers will always be in your buffer view. "Other Activity" is the next one. If someone parts/quits or joins the channel (and so your buffer) or a channel mode is changed, this is handled by this event. "New Message" is obvious as well, as soon as anybody says something, this is your thing. The last level of activity is the "Highlight". This is when someone is talking to YOU.


BitlBee is an IRC daemon which acts as a gateway to other IM networks, like ICQ or Jabber. For further information visit

Unread Messages

It's nice to have an overview of queries/channels which you haven't already read. Quassel already gives them a different color, but, which an increasing amount of channels, that's not enough.