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mIRC "reverse" formatting code is not implemented

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I searched for any issue that might discuss this, but I can't find one, so I'm reporting it, although I know the developers probably know if it already. Just to keep track of (I presume?) TODO stuff.

The mIRC "reverse" formatting code is not actually implemented in Quassel currently. "%R" seems to be designated as a FormatCode for "Reverse" in /src/uisupport/uistyle.cpp , but it doesn't play well with mIRC's implementation of reversed colors, if it is implemented at all (sorry, I was not able to immediately find where in the source formatting is actually handled). Attached are two screenshots of the same line in mIRC and in Quassel, showing the problem.

For reference, mIRC's control code for Reverse is 0x16, which is accounted for in /src/uisupport/uistyle.cpp , so I guess the problem is just that displaying it is not implemented.

Marking this as "High priority" because the UI gives no indication that mIRC colors support is incomplete, and reversed text is arguably part of mIRC colors.

05-27-2010_06-32-44.png (23.6 KB) 05-27-2010_06-32-44.png How mIRC displays reversed text. flamingspinach, 05/27/2010 12:40 AM
05-27-2010_06-33-02.png (31.3 KB) 05-27-2010_06-33-02.png How Quassel displays reversed text that mIRC sent. flamingspinach, 05/27/2010 12:40 AM
1104278827.png (25.5 KB) 1104278827.png X-Chat's implementation of the reverse formatting code flamingspinach, 05/27/2010 02:13 AM
1104278122.png (20.7 KB) 1104278122.png mIRC's "reference" implementation of the reverse formatting code flamingspinach, 05/27/2010 02:13 AM


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By the way, it seems that X-Chat implements reverse formatting differently from mIRC. mIRC seems to define "reverse" formatting as having default foreground color set as background color, and vice versa. X-Chat seems to define it as having whatever foreground and background colors are currently defined, if any, swapped. If the "reverse" FormatCode is implemented in Quassel, devs will have to choose one of these interpretations, I guess. Attached are screenshots of both. Incidentally I prefer X-Chat's interpretation since it seems to make more sense, but I guess if you want better accuracy to mIRC's "standards"...

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Indeed, we never implemented reverse formatting. IIRC mostly because it's slightly annoying to teach that to the layout engine... So far noone has complained :)

I'll have a look into that at some point, I guess.

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