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Chat window not word wrapping in 0.4*

Added by shiznix about 15 years ago. Updated almost 15 years ago.

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Currently using 0.4.2, but have had problem since starting to use Quassel at version 0.4.0.

Chatting can be somewhat bothersome in Quassel as it doesn't word wrap on spaces between words.
Instead it wraps within words, so words are chopped with the second part of the word displayed on the new line.

The wrapping boundary is also off the screen so some characters are not displayed at all on the new line, leaving the user playing a game of hangman to try and fill in the blanks :)

One way I've been able to workaround this is to always have the nicklist pane in view, then when wrapped words are not able to be guessed I can resize the nicklist pane to alter the word wrap boundary of the chat window, thus revealing the word.

I don't use monospace fonts, my font of choice is DejaVu Sans 9.

Thanks :)

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Revision 12fa4e53 (diff)
Added by Manuel Nickschas almost 15 years ago

Workaround the wordwrap issues with Qt

This is a real fugly workaround for Qt bug 238249. As long as it makes Quassel wrap words correctly,
I'm willing to live with it though.

There's still some pathological cases where we still get it wrong (long URLs with real narrow columns,
apparently), but meh.

Closes #579, closes #704.


#1 Updated by Sputnick about 15 years ago

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Bug in Qt:

I don't see a way to workaround this in any feasible way, as we rely on those low-level layouting functions for wrapping. Since it seems to depend on the font, please try using another font instead.

Rejecting this bug; we may revisit it at some point once I tackle the wrap code again (there are some other quirks that beg for investigation).

#2 Updated by Sputnick almost 15 years ago

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Looks like the recent changes in our layout engine might workaround this Qt bug and solve the problem for Quassel users. We'll see. Reopening this so I won't forget.

#3 Updated by Sputnick almost 15 years ago

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