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Quassel should be able to show notices in current buffer while keeping private messages in query buffer

Added by hagabaka about 15 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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Currently it's possible to configure whether to show both notices and private messages in the status buffer, query buffer, and current buffer, but it's not possible to have different behaviors for notices and for private messages. There is a distinction between the popular use of notices and private messages. Private messages are usually used for conversations, while notices are used for grabbing attention in a short message, and usually clients display notices in the current window while private messages in query windows. Therefore, I suggest there be two sets of options for private messages, and for notices, to show in different types of buffers. The options could be presented like this:

Display private messages:
[] in status buffer
[] in query buffer (if exists)
[] in current buffer
Display notices:
[] in status buffer
[] in query buffer (if exists)
[] in current buffer

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Related to Quassel IRC - Bug #342: A hidden query buffer won't be redisplayed when you query that person again.Closed


#1 Updated by hagabaka about 15 years ago

This can be extended to WHOIS replies and other messages. The configuration UI can be a table that looks like
message type | current | status | user
PRIVMSG | [ ] | [ ] | [ ]
NOTICE | [ ] | [ ] | [ ]
WHOIS reply | [ ] | [ ] | [ ]

#2 Updated by EgS almost 15 years ago

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This is mainly done.
I personally do not like the option to even redirect regular private messages.

Also I don't like to specifically add a setting for whois messages. Perhaps one could extend the current "server notices" to any server messages, so this would also cover whois messages.

#3 Updated by rikai almost 12 years ago

I disagree with that idea.

There are completely valid reasons for wanting whois information to be handled separately from server notices.

When doing a whois, many people want to see the results instantly in their current buffer but do not want to have server notices in their buffer.

There is also existing precedent for this choice in other clients. mIRC and X-Chat both allow this setup as a toggleable option, iirc.

#4 Updated by demonspork over 3 years ago

This should also cover CTCP replies as on other clients.

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