Feature #283

Ability to join channels mentioned in the chat widget by clicking on it

Added by billie over 15 years ago. Updated about 15 years ago.

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When a channel is mentioned in the the chat widget that is not already in the buffer widget it would be nice to join it by clicking on it.

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[15:10:48] <billie> is there also something planned, that one can join a channel by clicking on it in the chatwindow?
[15:12:06] <EgS> you can join a channel by doubleclicking it in the buffer widget
[15:12:22] <EgS> (the name of the channel in the channel list)
[15:13:30] <billie> i mean someone mentiones a channel in the chatwidget and i want to join it, or i do a whois and want to join a channel another nick is in
[15:13:53] <EgS> billie: oooh now I get your intention... well yes that would be nice
[15:14:00] <billie> a channel that is not the buffer already

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#1 Updated by Sputnick over 15 years ago

I will soon make chatlines interactive, this includes visible URLs, on-hover feedback and also interactive channels and nicks (probably only those known in the current channel, also I have to see how that works out with the MessageFilters which might support multiple channels). Context menu support will follow.

We might want to centralize the context menus for nicks and buffers to avoid code duplication, i.e. move the context menu stuff out off the {Buffer,Nick}View (or add access functions for creating/displaying a context menu for a given nick/channel from outside the view).

I'll assign this to me until ChatLines correctly analyze their content and are able to trigger context sensitive comments.

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