Bug #17

Implement authentification for GUI/Core

Added by Sputnick over 17 years ago. Updated over 15 years ago.

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Of course, any GUI client needs to authenticate with the core before connecting... implement this, maybe password challenge or something like that. Ask phon for advice.

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Related to Quassel IRC - Bug #42: Make Core multi-user capable and clean up architectureClosed

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Revision 7ec4585c (diff)
Added by Manuel Nickschas almost 17 years ago

Big update this time - Core has been redesigned to be multi-user capable. At least partly. (BR #42)
  • Architecture changes mostly complete:
    - Core has been split in Core (static) and CoreSession (per-user objects)
    - Connection stuff has been moved out of CoreProxy into Core
    - Lots of cleanups, and we have finally real singletons!
    - Global is now (externally) a static class -- changes throughout the code
  • Monolithic Quassel works (or at least it seems to)
  • Standalone Core and GUI disabled for now:
    - While most of the new infrastructure is in place in Core, we still need GUI stuff for auth (BR #17)
    - Syncing with Core as well as getting session states not done yet

Next steps will include the redesign of the GUI to make that cleaner as well (BR #41)

Revision 2039f5e2 (diff)
Added by Manuel Nickschas over 16 years ago

Yay! After months, distributed client/core operation is working again!
There is still some work left concerning menu states, progress bar, and the dialog,
and also we don't have user management yet (so you have to use user "Default" and
password "password" for both internal and external cores), but basically it's working.
This also (finally!) closes BR #17.


#1 Updated by Sputnick almost 17 years ago

This falls naturally in the currently emerging context of having multiple core users as well as global and local GUI profiles. It is also interconnected with the new storage backend that is currently being implemented. For these reasons, I am reassigning this to me.

#2 Updated by Sputnick over 16 years ago

Auth is done. User management is not... yet.

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