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chat lists - sort by activity

Added by zauberfisch about 6 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

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Add an option to sort chat lists by activity

I suggest the following options:
- no sorting
- alphabetically
- last message date
- last highlight date

(Possible dependencies/related issues: #1394 & #965)

sort.png (118 KB) sort.png settings page zauberfisch, 07/11/2018 05:56 AM


#1 Updated by zauberfisch about 6 years ago

See also: #1453

#2 Updated by zauberfisch over 5 years ago

Some more details/suggestions from me:

1) user can choose sorting per chatlist (see screenshot for suggested settings page) (possible values as suggested in the original ticket)

2) sorting

2.1) for "alphabetically" should be applied/resorted when a buffer is added

2.2) for "last message date" and "last highlight date" is more complicated. I have 2 ideas:

2.2.1) Add a sorting column (memory or database) that contains a date/time which is updated on message but throttled to only update once every 60 or so seconds and rounded down to a full minute.
this should avoid constant resorting of busy channels (say #centos and #debian get sorted once, but then never again because they both only update their sort all 60 seconds, and the sort will remain the same because they will both have a rounded down date/time of the last minute)

2.2.2) but I am not sure this is a perfect solution either. Another idea would be: Looking at skype (web version) as example, they have chosen to group buffers into "today", "yesterday", ..., "older than a week".
Something similar could also make sense here. Say we group by "last 5 minutes", "last 15 minutes", "last hour", "today", "yesterday", ...

#3 Updated by zauberfisch over 5 years ago

note to (2.2.2), grouping by time windows might also be accomplished through multiple chat lists if #1452 gets implemented.

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