Feature #1015

show/hide the the inactive chats from the context menu

Added by ale over 13 years ago. Updated over 13 years ago.

Quassel GUI (Qt)
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normally, i only want to see the active ones, but when i want to activate an inactive one i want to see all of them... i don't think that the switch should be in the prefs

(btw, i'm not sure if it's already implemented that way: inactive private chats with unread messages should be shown as if they were active...)


#1 Updated by ale over 13 years ago

after having discussed with sph_ on #quassel and having seen the howto in the wiki, i'm still convinced that the current way of reducing the number of displayed channels / private message is not really practical (at least not for the way i'm using quassel).

using the context menu to "show / hide chats" works ok for channels but not for private chats.

i've played with the current hiding functions a bit and -- as an example -- after having temporarily hidden a private chat, it didn't reappear as i got a message from that nick.

i still believe that having a fast way to show / hide the inactive chats would be the best way for me to keep an overview over my irc / bitlbee communication!

#2 Updated by ale over 13 years ago

it should be possible to set the visibility per server.

my usecase is:
- i have lot of channels i've already used in the past and people with whom i had private chats
- there are several channels that i don't automatically join and even more buddies which are not currently online
- i've told quassel to hide the inactive channels
- i want to join a channel which is currently inactive
- i enable the viewing of the inactive channels in the settings
- a lot of channels are displayed.
- i join the channel
- back to the setting and hide the inactive channels

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