12:50 PM Quassel IRC Feature #1866 (New): Implicit TLS (with SNI) connection mode
It would be very useful if Quassel had a client-core connection mode that use pure implicit TLS (with SNI).
This w...


11:24 PM Quassel IRC Feature #1579 (New): Empty sent message history should be prefilled based on displayed sent messages
I find it rather annoying that every time I restart my client, I lose my message history available under arrow keys.


10:22 PM Quassel IRC Wiki edit: Client-Core_SSL_support (#14)
Fixed formatting
10:21 PM Quassel IRC Wiki edit: Client-Core_SSL_support (#13)
Added description how to make Quassel work with LetsEncrypt


06:27 PM Quassel IRC Feature #1150: Auto-generate sender colors
Maybe this could be reimplemented? Currently it's a lot of effort to replace the pallette of colors.
06:26 PM Quassel IRC Bug #1565: --select-backend ignores asked PostgreSQL port
I solved this by wiping existing configuration, I think it ignores because it wants to migrate the database?


01:27 AM Quassel IRC Bug #1565 (New): --select-backend ignores asked PostgreSQL port
2020-05-03 02:24:07 [Warn ] - "could not connect to server: Connection refused\n\tIs the server running on host ...


04:56 PM Quassel IRC Wiki edit: Build_Quassel_on_Linux_(english) (#17)
Updated article for Buster (10)


01:21 AM Quassel IRC Feature #1412: Support Bitlbee self messages
I installed Quasselcore v.13 but I'm still having this issue, I suspect it is because there's no way to tell Quassel ...


09:41 PM Quassel IRC Bug #1515 (New): Database shema mismatch is not detected and remedied
I just recently found out that the database schema my instance had did not match what Quassel core was supposed to cr...

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