10:14 PM Quassel IRC Revision db598807 (quassel): Update inxi to 3.0.18


12:02 AM Quassel IRC Revision cb63e88d (quassel): Fix default port for integrated ident daemon
The value for the option identifier was missing, causing what was
intended to be the default value to actually become...


07:37 PM Quassel IRC Revision ab8127d2 (quassel): Fix crash caused by repeated kicks of an already-kicked client
As it turns out, the QHash[] operator implicitly adds nullptrs to
the map when called with a nonexistent key. If a u...


12:33 AM Quassel IRC Bug #1473 (Resolved): Quassel Client does not remember the channel encryption key set using /setkey
Applied in changeset commit:quassel|c382e0c11f80fb37307ecc42c487aa433c97ad8c.
12:33 AM Quassel IRC Revision d272e471 (quassel): IrcUser: Rename lastAwayMessage to lastAwayMessageTime
This will make it easier for clients to implement both at the same
time. Also, add a backwards-compatibility functio...
12:33 AM Quassel IRC Revision 81e93e5a (quassel): IrcUser: Use QDateTime for lastAwayMessage, not int
This converts the lastAwayTime to a 64-bit time. Backwards-
compatibility is also included in Network to convert bac...
12:33 AM Quassel IRC Revision 6a835281 (quassel): Use 64-bit IDs for messages
Increase the length of message IDs from 32 to 64 bits, allowing for
many more total messages be stored. Because mess...
12:33 AM Quassel IRC Revision c382e0c1 (quassel): Persist Blowfish keys in the database
Add a new text field called "cipher" and store the hex-encoded
cipher key there whenever a new key is set or exchange...


10:38 PM Quassel IRC Revision 8697a21f (quassel): Cache strict sysident mappings
To avoid unnecessary database hits, we store a mapping of all permitted
strict sysidents in memory. This mapping is r...
10:38 PM Quassel IRC Revision f932e5c8 (quassel): Add strict-oidentd mode
This mode is disabled by default. When specified, this restricts
authoratative ident responses to be the authuser ac...

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