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12:58 AM Quassel IRC Feature #702 (Resolved): [PATCH] automatically connect/disconnect on network status changes (w/ KDE)
With this patch, my quasselclient automatically connects and reconnects depending on Solid's status. So when my netwo...


04:41 PM Quassel IRC Feature #670 (New): width of "nick" column too static
In quassel's chatview, the nick column is either to wide or too small. wasting a lot of space of hiding important inf...
04:29 PM Quassel IRC Feature #669 (New): split mode
It would be rather useful to be able to monitor more than one channel at a time, using some sort of split mode, so on...
04:27 PM Quassel IRC Bug #668 (Assigned): Shortcuts on Views focusing issue
The shortcuts on views only work sometime, not immediately after clicking on an item in the view. The item gets selec...
04:26 PM Quassel IRC Bug #667 (Resolved): Buffer concept unclear to the user
When hiding or deleting buffers, the difference is not clear to the user.
Which cases cause dataloss?, How do I ge...

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