11:10 AM Quassel IRC Bug #654 (New): Using multiple Quassel clients simultaneously
I use two Quassel clients at the same time, and I have noticed some problems doing so.
Having focus on a buffer ca...


01:27 PM Quassel IRC Feature #651 (Resolved): Hoetkeys for switching to buffers
I think it would be a great idea to be able to assign a hotkey to a buffer/discussion/thread/whatever that allows you...
01:16 PM Quassel IRC Feature #650 (New): Add option to re-connect to a server when right-clicking a server
A very small feature, but I would like a menu option when right-clicking a server, to be able to re-connect to it (di...
12:57 PM Quassel IRC Feature #645: Term "Buffer" is not user friendly - suggest to change to Discussions
miohtama wrote:
> Term "buffer" is very technical and very generic. It's use is so vague in computer speak that it b...
12:51 PM Quassel IRC Bug #649 (Resolved): Highlight colour conflicts with coloured-nicknames [pic]
In some cases, the background colour applied to a highlighted line (in cases where your nickname is said, for example...
03:08 AM Quassel IRC Feature #647 (Resolved): Improve how disconnection is handled between the client and core
I use quassel on my laptop, I usually switch it from LAN to/from Wi-Fi numerous times a day, during this, all my conn...


12:40 AM Quassel IRC Feature #644 (New): Change the colour of lines of text in the chat monitor if they originated from the currently selected channel
I use the chat monitor to quickly look at what is going on in other channels.
Making lines of text from the curren...

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