09:05 PM Quassel IRC Feature #146 (New): Networks in custom view only alphabet-sortable
Only tested in Mac version:
The networks cannot be moved around in a custom view, unlike the channels/queries.
09:02 PM Quassel IRC Bug #145 (Resolved): Moving items in custom view off by one
Only tested on Mac Client:
When moving items in a custom view they get sorted in one slot below where they are pla...


07:30 PM Quassel IRC Bug #129 (Closed): Highligh broken after Client restart
Highlighting functionality usually puts red background on the line containing the highlight keyword. After restart of...


03:51 PM Quassel IRC Feature #122 (Closed): Request a context menu option on each appearance of a network name in the buffer overviews to join channels
To join channels after joining a new network the "All Networks" view needs to be open unless at least one channel joi...


12:03 AM Quassel IRC Feature #121 (Closed): Chat text input line font is fixed - request option for user to change it
The chat text input line has a fixed font and font size, there is no option to change it.
I request an option for ...

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