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ChrisH, 01/02/2015 04:46 PM

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Download: m4yer.qss





Download: elbryan.qss



Download: gabydewilde-black.qss

This is my qss (on windows). It is nothing serious, I've only added it because the gallery looked so naked.



Download: jussi01-darktheme.qss

jussi01 has created this dark theme.



Download: qwater.qss

QWater theme created by Maarten. A liberal interpretation of the "Water" MTS theme from the mIRC NoNameScript.



Download: temerity.qss

My stylesheet that I've developed for personal use over a long period of time. I'm mainly adding it due to the small size of the gallery.

It's a dark theme with colorful accents.

I recommend you use the font Georgia for the main chat pane. The small font in the chat list and nick list panes is HaxrCorp S8.



Download: mj12cyan.qss

It's a black-cyan stylesheet I made 2 or 3 years ago. I've been using it all the time, and I like using it. I hope you will find it useful.

I recommend using cleanlooks style for this stylesheet.



Download: DarkMonokai.qss

This theme is designed to work on top of the Plastique client style. It will look weird on almost all the others (including the system default). If Plastique isn't there, Fusion should work.

To have your client look like the screen shot:

  • Client Style
    • Go to Settings > Configure Quassel (F7) > Interface > Client Style and set it to Plastique.
  • Chat Lists
    • Go to View > Chat Lists > Configure Chat Lists.
    • Then create 2 chat lists like in these images (Channels | Queries/PMs).
    • Then click the titlebar of the chat list widget and drag onto the nick list widget.
    • Drag to the center to have a tabs. Drag to an edge to have a 50/50 split.
    • Go to Settings > Configure Quassel (F7) > Chat & Nick Lists > Show Icons and untick it.
  • Timestamp
    • Go to Settings > Configure Quassel (F7) > Chat View > Timestamp format and set it to [hh:mm].
    • Then drag the column splitter between the timestamps and the usernames to fit like so.
  • Fonts
    • Go to Settings > Configure Quassel (F7) > Chat View > Custom chat window font and set it to Consolas 12pt.
    • Go to Settings > Configure Quassel (F7) > Input Widget > Custom font and set it to Consolas 14pt.
  • Hide UI Elements
    • Uncheck View > Toolbars > Main Toolbar
    • Uncheck View > Show Chat Monitor
  • Hide Joins/Parts/Quits
    • Right Click the chat area > Hide Events > Join. Repeat this for all the other message types. When done, choose Set As Default to hide on all chats.
  • Lock Layout
    • When you are done moving widgets around and other elements. Lock the layout at View > Lock Layout to hide the handles.



Download: DarkSolarized.qss

Forked from DarkMonokai.qss and inspired by

There are a few differences in the screenshot from the DarkMonokai.qss screenshot. Namely:

  • Chat Lists
    • Go to View > Chat Lists > Configure Chat Lists.
    • Tick Hide Inactive Networks in Channels
    • Tick Hide Inactive Networks/Chats in Queries/PMs
    • Create a 3rd chat list called Networks that doesn't show channels or queries.


Nexus Beta - a3.qss

Download: a3.qss

I've made this stylesheet in 2010, and using it since then.
Some of my friends are using it, too, and they suggested me to share it, so here it is, I hope you'll like it!