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h2. m4yer.qss

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h2. elbryan.qss

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h2. gabydewilde-black.qss

*Download:* "gabydewilde-black.qss":

This is my qss (on windows). It is nothing serious, I've only added it because the gallery looked so naked.



h2. jussi01-darktheme.qss

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jussi01 has created this dark theme.



h2. qwater.qss

*Download:* "qwater.qss":

QWater theme created by Maarten. A liberal interpretation of the "Water" MTS theme from the mIRC NoNameScript.



h2. temerity.qss

*Download:* "temerity.qss":

My stylesheet that I've developed for personal use over a long period of time. I'm mainly adding it due to the small size of the gallery.

It's a dark theme with colorful accents.

I recommend you use the font Georgia for the main chat pane. The small font in the chat list and nick list panes is HaxrCorp S8.



h2. mj12cyan.qss

*Download:* "mj12cyan.qss":

It's a black-cyan stylesheet I made 2 or 3 years ago. I've been using it all the time, and I like using it. I hope you will find it useful.

I recommend using cleanlooks style for this stylesheet.



h2. DarkMonokai.qss

*Download:* "DarkMonokai.qss":

This theme was origionally designed for the Plastique client style.

To have your client look like the screen shot:

* Client Style
** Go to *Settings > Configure Quassel (F7) > Interface > Client Style* and set it to Plastique.
* Chat Lists
** Go to *View > Chat Lists > Configure Chat Lists*.
** Then create 2 chat lists like in these images ("Channels": | "Queries/PMs":
** Then click the titlebar of the chat list widget and drag onto the nick list widget.
** Drag to the center to have a tabs. Drag to an edge to have a 50/50 split.
* Timestamp
** Go to *Settings > Configure Quassel (F7) > Chat View > Timestamp format* and set it to @[hh:mm]@.
** Then drag the column splitter between the timestamps and the usernames to fit "like so":
* Fonts
** Go to *Settings > Configure Quassel (F7) > Chat View > Custom chat window font* and set it to @Consolas 12pt@.
** Go to *Settings > Configure Quassel (F7) > Input Widget > Custom font* and set it to @Consolas 14pt@. 12pt@.