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Gentle, 03/15/2009 09:10 PM
known problems added

Quassel Logging

Quassel saves all logs into the database, it never forgets backlogs unless you delete a buffer. You can either scroll back in chat windows as far as you like, or you can use a tool to dump or view the logs in plaintext format.



this tool (written in Python) dumps quassel logs to a file. Currently it exports mIRC format.
You can get it at

it is rather self-explanatory, telling you if something went wrong. you can run it with

default database path (ok for most unixes)

python -u username -n network -c "#channel" -o channel.log

custom database path (Windows etc.)

python -d "C:\Quassel\quassel-storage.sqlite"


show users in quasseldb


show networks for quassel user john

python -u john

show channels for network Freenode for user john

python -u john -n Freenode

dump channel #quassel on network Freenode for user john to file quassel.log

python -u john -n Freenode -c "#quassel" -o quassel.log

Limitations / Known Issues
dumplog currently only handles sqlite databases, postgres shouldn't be too hard if requested though.
nasty charset conversion takes place, gonna be fixed soon
topics will only be properly parsed with English logs, need to talk with Sput/EgS about that ;P

this tool is not maintained by quassel staff, contact Gentle on Freenode for bugs or feature requests