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h1. Quassel Logging

Quassel saves all logs into the database, it never forgets backlogs unless you delete a buffer. You can either scroll back in chat windows as far as you like, or you can use a tool to dump or view the logs in plaintext format.

h2. Tools

h3. dumplog

this tool (written in Python) dumps quassel logs to a file. Currently it exports mIRC format.
You can get it at


it is rather self-explanatory, telling you if something went wrong. you can run it with

*default database path (ok for most unixes)*
<pre>python -u username -n network -c "#channel" -o channel.log</pre>

*custom database path (Windows etc.)*
<pre>python -d "C:\Quassel\quassel-storage.sqlite"</pre> "C:\Quassel/quassel-storage.sqlite"</pre>

>*show users in quasseldb*
>*show networks for quassel user john*
><pre>python -u john</pre>
>*show channels for network Freenode for user john*
><pre>python -u john -n Freenode</pre>
>*dump channel #quassel on network Freenode for user john to file quassel.log*
><pre>python -u john -n Freenode -c "#quassel" -o quassel.log</pre>

this tool is not maintained by quassel staff, contact Gentle on Freenode for bugs or feature requests