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h1. Quassel


h2. Introduction

Quassel is a program to connect to an IRC network. It has the unique ability to split the graphical component (quasselclient) from the core which handles the IRC connection (quasselcore). This means that you can have a core permanently connected to one or more IRC networks and attach a client from wherever you are without moving around any information or settings. However, Quassel can easily behave like any other client, which is referred to as "Quassel Mono".

Quassel's distributed approach:

h2. Getting started

Setting up Quassel is fairly easy and straightforward. Since we have a separated core and client, we will configure them in two steps. If you are using the Quassel Mono version, then you can skip the core part as this is done internally.

h3. Installation

The best and most reliable way is to simply install the packages provided by your distribution. However, we do offer some static binaries at along with Git instructions for those who prefer to compile Quassel themselves.

h3. Connecting to the core

This assumes you are running quasselcore somewhere, either locally or on a remote machine.

h3. Configuration

Setting up the client

h2. Howto's HowTos

* [[Manage core users]]
* [[Add SSL to the core]]