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EgS, 03/12/2009 06:51 PM


This article describes how you can use Quassel with the PostgreSQL database. It is written from a FreeBSD point of view, but the process should be very similar for any other system out there.

Also make sure you have the qt4-pgsql plugin installed, otherwise Quassel will not support the PostgreSQL backend.

Preparing the database

We will assume you installed PostgreSQL and properly ran the initdb script.

Login using the database account (in my case pgsql)

# su pgsql

Now let's create the quassel database and assign an account.

$ psql
postgres=# CREATE USER quassel ENCRYPTED PASSWORD 'somepassword';
postgres=# CREATE DATABASE quassel WITH OWNER quassel ENCODING 'UTF8';

Setting up the Quassel Core

Now that the database is running properly, we are going to tell Quassel to use the correct backend.
Use one of the two steps below and you're done!

For a new core

Just connect to the core using a Quassel Client to launch the first run wizard. Select the PostgreSQL backend in the dropdown list and fill in the needed credentials to connect to the Postgres DB you just created.

To migrate an existing core

$ quasselcore --select-backend=PostgreSQL

An interactive script will request the necessary information to migrate successfully.