Using Quassel with oidentd spoofing

1) In oidentd's configuration (/etc/oidentd.conf on Linux), add this block (note that the username may differ) and restart oidentd service.

user quasselcore {
    default {
        allow spoof
        allow spoof_all

2) Start quasselcore with --oidentd switch.

If you're using Debian and running it as a service, add this line to /etc/default/quassel:


Note that at boot, identd should be started before quassel. Otherwise Quassel core connects to irc at the time when identd is not yet running.

If this worked properly,

  • Quassel core will show up in processes list with the --oidentd switch; and
  • At the Quassel core user's home directory (echo ~quasselcore), you will see an .oidentd.conf file. Ensure this file is writable by quasselcore, and the directory is world readable (so that oidentd can read the file.)
Now when connecting to IRC:
  • At some networks that check oidentd response, a (up to 10 seconds) wait for an ident response will disappear. You will see "*** Got ident response" when connecting.
  • The username will not contain a tilde (ratbox, charybdis, derived ircds, and others).
  • The username will match the name of the user in the core and user settings regarding username will not override it.