Quassel translations are managed via Transifex

The Process

a) If it exists, you can contribute your changes
b) Otherwise click "Add new translation" and then "Translate Online" (Transifex translation guide)

  • If you want to edit translation files locally, we suggest using editors like Lokalize or Poedit etc.


Top translations: quassel ยป master


Q: Why do you intend to switch over to manage translations by third-party tools/teams?
A: While some languages are very well maintained, others have grown stale over time, as some contributors are busy or have found other interests. Also, while a dozen languages is quite impressive for an independent, rather small project like Quassel, there are many more languages in the world. Having experienced teams to handle that will certainly improve both the number and the quality of our translations.

Q: I would like to continue helping you with translations!
A: We are happy for every contribution. Transifex makes it quite easy for individual translators to add strings without going through the hassle of getting a git checkout, sending patches etc.

Q: Why did you choose Transifex, and not, say, Launchpad/KDE's teams for translating Quassel?
A: It works (now).

Q: Which translation editors should i use?
A: Poedit and Lokalize are tested with our translation workflow. Alternatively you can use the Transifex web interface.


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