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tan, 12/30/2009 01:02 AM
Added initial page with instructions on how to create a local copy of the git master with personal preferences set.

Creating Translation git patches

About these instructions

There are two sets of instructions here; one for first-time setup, one for already existing setups.

First-time setup

1. Create a directory to hold the git repository

$ mkdir quassel-dev
$ cd quassel-dev

2. Create a git copy of the master from

$ git clone git://

3. Change into your new copy of the git repository

$ cd quassel

4. Set your personal preferences (I'm uncertain if --global is needed)

$ git config "Your full name here" 
$ git config "" 
$ git config --global "Your full name here" 
$ git config --global ""

5. At this point you have your very own working copy of the central git repository which you can make changes to. Now is a good time to fire up your favorite .po-editor, and start editing your language file (you should edit the file in your local git repository).
As an example based on the path I've used here, the Norwegian Bokmaal translation file:


When you have edited the file(s), you should get follow the steps in the "Existing setups" below to create the git patch file(s).

Existing setups

Here, I assume you have either followed the instructions above, or already have a git repository clone from the master.