Mobile & Chat (you can chat from them)

Works? Platform Home IRC More URLs Language Notes
Yes. Android QuasselDroid #QuasselDroid GitHub Google Play Java
Yes. iPhone/iPad iQuassel #woboquassel App Store hosting site Objective C
Yes (2013); old. Maemo and MeeGo (.deb) Quassel2Go original discussion, broken link mirror (unmaintained) Thanks to sgiessl for this port. (The platform uses Xorg). Working GUI with outdated client code from 2011
Getting there. Web quassel-web Ongoing development. It already fetches as of 2014/09. Thanks sandsmark.
Yes. w/e with IRSSI quassel-irssi #quassel-irssi
Alpha Web (mobile,desktop) quassel-webserver Alpha. Node.js? Thanks magne4000
Alpha Sailfish communi #communi communi-quassel at GitHub C++ works partly, e.g. you can send/receive messages, but can't see your own messages from previous sessions, have to connect to each network seperately, server notices sometimes get messed up (2015-01-02). thanks to jpnurmi
Potential platforms of interest:
  • MER-based (Nemo, Sailfish) — rpm package format, Qt is available. Wayland.
  • Ubuntu Mobile — .deb package format, Qt is available. Mir.
  • Tizen, Firefox OS — HTML + JS, Qt is not available. (Web version ok?)
  • Blackberry (BB10) — Qt 4.8 is available
  • Windows Universal Platform (Mobile, Desktop) — Qt is available
Potential applications of interest (integration with which may be desirable):
  • Kopete - a Qt + KDE IM client for KDE (could be potentially mobile friendly)

Libraries & Bots (Non-mobile implementations and libraries)

- quasselbots
- PyQuassel
- php-quassel-react