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h1. Building quasselcore on Ubuntu 804 Hardy Heron/x64

Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron (latest long term supported Ubuntu) does not come fresh enough Qt4 libs to build Quassel 0.5.0. Qt 4.4.1 needed, Qt 4.4.0 is available by default.

Here are some notes for advanced users to get Quassel up and running.

* Enable Scott Kitterman's repositories on the system You need to 1) install GPG key 2) add PPA repositories to /etc/apt/source.list. The page contains instructions how to do this.

* Run apt-get update to make system to reflect packages on Kitterman's repositories

Check that version given for qt4-dev-tools is 4.4.3 now (it pulls from Scott's PPA repository):
apt-cache show qt4-dev-tools

Install qt4-dev-tools (Qt 4.4.3 version)
apt-get install qt4-dev-tools

Now, either grab a tarball from, extract it and go on [[Build_Core_on_Ubuntu#Build it|here]]
or get grab the newest development version from git (also as explained [[Build_Core_on_Ubuntu#Get the following page) and go on [[Build_Core_on_Ubuntu#Build it|here]]. sources|here]]