Bug #855

When restarting Quassel with second default screen disconnected, the main UI is hidden and can't be restored

Added by dazjorz about 14 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

Quassel GUI (Qt)
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Mac OS X


At home, I have a secondary display connected to my laptop, which I usually use for stuff that I'm not always paying attention to, but that I want to look at now and then. My Quasselclient is one of those programs. However, I often take my laptop to other places. Then, when I run Quassel, I get the small connecting dialog, but not the main window; it also doesn't appear later. I've clicked around a few times, but never got it to show either. The only way to get it back, was using the Property Editor to open the binary com.quassel-irc.whatever file in Preferences, and setting MainWindow.hidden (or something) to false. This last happened a few days ago, and only now I have (or am taking) the time to bugreport this, that's why I don't remember exactly.

Hardware and software:
MacBook Pro running Mac OS X 10.5.7 (on Intel)
External screen connected over DVI cable

Steps to reproduce:

1) Run Quassel and put its main window on the secondary display
(Either quit it now, or keep it running, I don't remember, will try if it matters later)
2) Close the MacBook, so it hibernates
3) Disconnect the monitor, then take it somewhere far away, or just wait a minute
4) Reopen MacBook, quit Quassel if still running, then re-run; it will show the login screen but not the main screen
5) Quit Quassel again, change the Quassel properties with the Property Editor (the file is binary, so you can't do it with a regular text editor) and set MainWindow.hidden or something similar from true to false
6) Restart Quassel, and see it running.

Apart from the bug itself, you should probably call .show() on all windows if you don't already. That way, you ensure they really appear. I'll try if I can reproduce the bug with the steps above, tomorrow or tonight, I'll tell you the results in this bug report. If any of you can reproduce already, please let me know too.


#1 Updated by Sputnick about 14 years ago

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#2 Updated by miohtama almost 14 years ago

Somehow I managed to reproduce this with just one display on OSX Leopard

#3 Updated by miohtama almost 14 years ago

As a workaround you can delete


#4 Updated by fuzzy76 over 13 years ago

I also ran into this today with a single display. Any news on this?

#5 Updated by ajkavanagh about 7 years ago

Still happening. Better than deleting the plist file is to use the Property Editor with Xcode (just do "open org.quassel-irc.quasselclient.plist" from the command line) search for "hidden' and change the "QtUi.MainWinHidden" key to NO (and save). Then restart Quassel client and the window will reappear.

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