Bug #814

Core sets away state on auto-reconnect with connected client(s) if auto-away is enabled

Added by amiconn over 14 years ago. Updated over 14 years ago.

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With auto-away enabled, if the core to ircd connection is disconnected (e.g. by 24h dsl disconnect) and the core auto-reconnects, the core sets the user status "away" even if one ore more clients are connected to the core, and "away" was not set before the disconnect.

The client does not notice this automatically, nor does it notice it when switching buffers within the same network (got the first report by another user who asked me why I am marked as being away). It only notices it when switching to a buffer belonging to different network, and then it also notices it for the old network when switching back.
In order to get rid of this state, you either need to type /away in one buffer of each network, or disconnect the client from the core and reconnect. If you're using only a single network, disconnect/reconnect is probably the only option (since the client won't notice the "away"). Perhaps typing /away twice would also work.


#1 Updated by amiconn over 14 years ago

After updating the core to 0.5-rc2+1, the bug seemed to be gone. But that isn't the case, it is doing the opposite - it now removes auto-away status on auto-reconnect.

More detailed description: With the auto-away setting enabled, one of the following scenarios seems to happen:

Old scenario

  1. Core connected to IRC, client(s) connected to core
  2. Away status is not set
  3. Core is forcibly disconnected from IRC (24h DSL disconnect), client(s) stay connected (LAN)
  4. -> You're marked as being away, using the auto-away reason, although you shouldn't

New scenario

  1. Core connected to IRC, client connected to core
  2. Client is disconnected from the core -> core sets auto-away
  3. Core is forcibly disconnected from IRC (24h DSL disconnect)
  4. -> You're no longer away, although you should

It looks like the core doesn't keep auto-away status properly, but rather always sets it to the same value (determined randomly at core start) on auto-reconnect.

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