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Auto nick on away, detatch, and return

Added by MJ94 almost 15 years ago. Updated about 10 years ago.

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I would definitely love andwould go crazy if (and I know some people won't like this idea) Quassel would auto nick you to your nick of choice as it auto aways you on detach. Then when it /back's you as you reattach, you will be nicked to the main nick you have set. For example, when I detach, my nick would auto nick to MJ94|Away and when I return, it will return to MJ94. Also, it would be handy for it to renick when you do /away and /back when you are still attached, too. I know some people don't like this, so make it optional. But for the people who like to renick when away, why not? If it auto /aways you, why not renick too? Thank you so much! I love Quassel!


#1 Updated by EgS almost 15 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Rejected

Currently we only support automatic marking you as away.

Besides that we will not implement additional specific features on attach/detach. But (there's always a but) internal preparations have already been made to add full custom on attach/detach support. Think of it as like a perform list, where you can enter what to execute on attach or detach. Though there's no ETA yet when this feature will see the light of the day.

As this will enable you to change your nick, I'm closing this bug.

#2 Updated by lori about 10 years ago

Is there any progress on the addition of "full custom on attach/detach support"? I would also like to achieve the same thing the OP was requesting, it doesn't matter if it's implemented as "auto-nick on detach" or as a custom script I have to write.

Should I maybe open a new issue for tracking the "custom on attach/detach support" feature?

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